Going Green at The Shack (part 8) Furniture and Area Rug

Now that some of the major construction is completed, I’d like to share a few of my preliminary decorative choices for the sunroom at The Shack. First off, let’s take a look at the main pieces of furniture.

I bought this vintage wrought iron furniture set from one of my clients a few years ago when we first moved into The Shack. The scale of this set is just right for the size of our sunroom, which is not terribly large. The cushions originally had a floral vinyl fabric covering, which I felt was a bit dated and was definitely not the style I was looking for in this room. So I decided to make new covers for all the cushions. I chose a dark espresso-brown chenille fabric, seen here on the center back cushion.

I won’t lie, the process of sewing these cushion covers was super time-consuming and not much fun. Cushions can be tricky, and there were quite a few of them to make. Plus the back cushions have a big curve to the top. Thankfully, the brown chenille fabric was very forgiving.

The dark, solid brown-colored fabric on the furniture cushions visually anchors the room. It definitely allows your eye to focus on the interesting shape and somewhat ornate decorative iron details of the seating. The dark brown color and texture of the chenille fabric are a bit reminiscent of tree bark, so they fit in perfectly with the woodsy feel I’m going for in this masculine space.

Next I started thinking about the area rug. Initially, I was thinking about using a light, modern looking rug, which had a pattern that fit in nicely with the shapely furniture lines.

I brought home this ivory and seafoam colored wool hooked rug to try out in the sunroom at The Shack. While lovely, I ultimately decided it wasn’t the rich, woodsy and masculine feel I wanted for this space, so I returned it and began the search for the perfect area rug.

While I looked at a variety of different rug fibers, in the end I decided I definitely wanted an all wool rug for this sunroom. Not only is wool plush and warm, it’s a natural product and very long-lasting. Of course, wool can be a bit pricey, but I absolutely believe it’s worth the extra expense!

In looking for a wool rug, I kept in mind my woodsy green and brown color scheme in the space. I knew I wanted a traditional style, and I knew that I needed a rug in the 5×7 foot size-range to fit the seating area. I found many rugs that would suit my criterion, in fact, rug selection can be quite overwhelming because of the huge number of options available! I won’t lie to you, I spent quite a lot of time shopping for area rugs. Below are three of my area rug finalists for our sunroom at The Shack:

And this last rug is the winner! I chose this plush wool rug, because I like the lighter background color in this one. Plus, the multiple brown tones will tie in well with the hickory wood on the floors and ceiling. The very dark espresso border picks up on the furniture cushions exactly. And, of course, it has just the right amount of green to tie in with the dominant wall color in the sunroom. The traditional pattern of the rug also works well with the gentleman’s smoking room vibe I’m trying to achieve!

So, what do you think? Is this the rug you would’ve selected for the sunroom? One of my favorite things about interior design is the art of it all! Each of us has a different design aesthetic, and would achieve a totally different outcome based upon our choices for the space. I’m excited to show you how this room comes together…I hope you’re just as eager to see it!

Here’s a little design inspiration board I threw together, showing all the various elements for the sunroom so far. It’s really coming together! I can’t wait to show you the after pictures very soon.

Next time, let’s take a look at the window treatments I’ve chosen for the sunroom at The Shack. Thanks for following along with our progress! We’re getting close to finishing up the space now!

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