Going Green in the Sunroom at The Shack (part 5) Cedar Planks, Casing, and Trim

Last time we focused on the installation of the hardwood floors in the sunroom at The Shack. That means today we can finally begin to install all the beautiful green stained cedar wood trim and cedar wood plank walls!

A LOT of staining has been going on, in preparation for installing the walls and casing in the sunroom at The Shack. I’m so glad I absolutely love this particular shade of green, because I’ve been seeing a TON of it during the process of painting two coats of stain on ALL that cedar!

First things first: we must install the door casing. The horizontal cedar wall planks will be placed right up against the woodwork around the doors and windows, so that door and window trim needs to be in place beforehand. Everything fits together like a puzzle.

I actually took the time to draw a sketch of the placement for the casing and baseboards when were in the planning stages for the sunroom. We could have selected any number of configurations for the trim, or we might even have decided to install the wall planks vertically. So it was super helpful to have a visual guide before permanently installing the wood. Given the spacing, we decided to share the area between the door and windows with a single vertical board. Part of this decision was due to lack of space, but it also came from the knowledge that our blinds will cover a good portion of this area between the window and door. Notice that we’re enhancing the upper portion of the door surround with an extra header at the top. I really like how this added trim on the door will create a step-up effect from left to right, which echoes the slanted line of the ceiling.

Here you can see we’ve installed the door casing and baseboards (which sit atop the hardwood floors), and now we are just beginning to install the window apron board, which spans the two windows. We’re planning to re-use the brown wood stained windowsills that were original to the room…one of the only items to remain!

Once the top and bottom frame is placed around each cluster of windows, we can fill the vertical spaces in between each window and even in the corners. Each piece is carefully thought out and custom cut before installing.

Finally the stained cedar V-groove planks can be applied. It’s an exciting day indeed! You can see from the above photo how the wall planks are not quite as thick as the baseboards and window apron which create a sort of frame for the walls. There’s s a lot of dimension to the various wood, which creates a lot of textural interest!

Here you can see the relationship between the V-groove wall planks and the casing. This shows how we chose to proceed in the sequence of installation. The wall planks butt up against the vertical door casing and sit atop the much thicker baseboards.

We’ve even purchased wood outlet covers to integrate into the green stained wood planked walls. I also love how the brown stained windowsills will create a warm contrast with all the green!

Nearly finished with this wall on the left! It’s actually starting to look like a sunroom again.

In this image you can see the wide header we installed above the entry door. Custom details like this add so much to the quality look of a room!

We’re getting so close to having finished walls and trim in the sunroom at The Shack. I wish you could smell the pungent fragrance of the cedar in the room…it’s glorious!

I think I’ll leave you here, but next time we’ll begin the arduous task of installing the wood on the ceiling. This is not a job we’ve been looking forward to doing, but I think having wood on the ceiling will be so wonderful, don’t you?

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