The Shack: Our Little Poconos Getaway, and Painting the Main Floor Guest Suite (Post #10)

Welcome back.  We’ve been doing a lot of painting lately, over at The Shack.  Now that the main floor walls and ceilings are nearly finished, I wanted to go ahead and paint out the guest bedroom walls.  I want to get all the walls painted on the main floor, before we start installing our beautiful new wood floors throughout the home.

Do  you remember what that main floor bedroom looked like?


BEFORE: When we first visited the home with our Realtors, this room was painted a super dark brown. The bedroom is already dark with only one small window, so it definitely needs brightening!. There are also three of those unattractive plastic doors in this space–one at the entrance, one on the closet (in the back) and one into the main floor bathroom). So eventually, that will be something I need to address. Because this bedroom is directly off the main living area, my plan is to design and keep it for guests. I feel like it’s always nice to have some separation when hosting overnight visitors, and this little ‘en suite’ on the main floor will provide a cozy space for whomever comes calling.


BEFORE: Here’s another view of the main floor guest bedroom at The Shack. Who would ever think to paint this small room such a heavy, dark color? It feels cave-like and claustrophobic! I want our visitors at The Shack, to have a bright and simple guest suite they can enjoy using. So painting it a light neutral color is definitely the way to go!

The first steps in updating the guest bedroom were to remove the window and door trim, along with the baseboards and then start priming everything and painting the ceiling.  Not until all that was completed, could we could begin painting the walls with two coats of a brighter neutral.


First, we primed everything in the main floor bedroom, then painted out the ceiling with 2 fresh coats of ceiling white, before beginning on the walls.

SW Shoji White

This is the paint color I selected for the main floor guest bedroom. It’s called Shoji White 7042, by Sherwin Williams.


Two coats of Shoji White by Sherwin Williams were then applied to the walls in the main floor guest bedroom. In this photo, you can see how the bedroom relates to the rest of the main floor, opening directly onto the main living area.  It was important that the wall colors in this room coordinate with what’s going on outside the door, in the open living spaces.


And here’s the main floor guest bedroom all painted out in Shoji White by Sherwin Williams. You can see that the wall color has just a slight green-grey tone to it, which contrasts subtly with the white ceiling. Once we’ve had our new floors installed, we can introduce the new baseboards and casings to the room. And eventually pretty new furniture will be placed–I can’t wait!!

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Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.

Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.



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