The Shack: Our Little Poconos Getaway, The Main Floor Walls (Post #9)

Last time on Kristine Robinson’s Interiors, we painted the vaulted ceiling and stair walls at The Shack a bright, fresh white.  I used a flat paint, to coordinate with the chalky white milk paint I plan to use on all the new trim in this little vacation home.

Today, I want to share the main floor wall colors.

SW 7029 Agreeable Gray

This is Sherwin Williams 7029 Agreeable Gray. I’m planning to paint it on the walls under the stair walkway and in the dining area.

SW 7021 Simple White

This is Sherwin Williams 7021 Simple White. It’s a very pale, warm stoney grey–not really a white as the name implies. The fireplace wall in the main living area will be painted this color.

Now that the walls are all primed and the ceiling painted, we can add a bit of color.  Even though my goal is to brighten the whole interior, adding just a hint of warm grey will make all the new white trim pop and make this home gleam.  It will also draw attention upward to the new white, rustic plank ceiling in the dining area and to the freshly painted vaulted ceiling in the main living space.

Living Room Before

Don’t forget how yellow and dated this whole main area looked.  Here you’ll notice the fireplace with its faux stone surround, and the ancient brown carpeting, which adjoins the vinyl tile from the dining area at a very odd place (intercepting the fireplace hearth). On a positive note, this area has a nice vaulted ceiling, and a large window. Along with the rustic beam and stair railing, these are some of the things we actually liked about the space.


Here you can see the first coat of ‘Simple White’ going on top of the primer. This color has just the tiniest bit of greige to it, and will give a slight warmth to these lower spaces. Notice, as well, that we chose to paint out the faux stone around the fireplace hearth. Previously, the stone was a patchwork of grey and brown. I felt it was too busy and looked a little fake. I really had to convince my husband that painting it was the right thing, but in the end I won out. I have big plans for this fireplace in the future!


BEFORE: the sponge painted walls were so strong and busy, plus the yellow glass on the light fixtures didn’t do the home any favors! I eventually plan to replace the fixtures, and  we already painted the upstairs hallway a bright ceiling white. The short facing walls of the upstairs walkway will be painted in the same soft greige as the fireplace wall: Simple White by Sherwin Williams.

Very soon, we’ll be able to start adding the new white trim into the spaces.  Don’t forget, we’re planning to install entirely new door and window casing, ceiling trim, and baseboards throughout the home.  It will be a lot of work (and money) to replace that woodwork, but it’s amazing how those simple, quality elements can elevate an interior and make it look much unified and upscale.  Quality details make all the difference!

Next time, I want to show you how we painted the main floor guest bedroom.  What a transformation that has been!  You’ll love seeing those changes.

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Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.

Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.



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