The Shack: Our Little Poconos Getaway and The Guest Bed (Post #19)

Hi, there.  I’m glad to have you following along with the latest progress on The Shack.  Today I want to discuss our progress on the main floor guest bedroom.  I recently shared about re-painting that room, which was originally painted a nasty shade of dark brown.  You can read about it in post #10 of our progress on The Shack:

Click Here to visit Post #10: Painting the Guest Suite at The Shack


BEFORE: When we first visited the home with our Realtors, this room was painted a super dark brown and had dated old carpeting. The bedroom is already dark with only one small window, so it definitely needed brightening!. There are also three of those unattractive plastic doors in this space–one at the entrance, one on the closet (in the back on the right) and one into the main floor bathroom). So eventually, that will be something I need to address. Because this bedroom is directly off the main living area, my plan is to design and keep it for guests. I feel like it’s always nice to have some separation when hosting overnight visitors, and this little ‘suite’ on the main floor will provide a cozy little space for whomever comes calling.

Once the bedroom was painted and the new hardwood floors were installed, some of the first tasks were finding an area rug and a bed to use in the space.  I knew the largest bed we could comfortably fit in this small room would be a Queen Sized.  I also wanted to keep the style rustic with a vintage mountain house theme.  So after thinking it through, I decided an iron bed would be the best way to go.


I found this beautiful iron bed for the main floor guest bedroom at The Shack. It has a simple, vintage inspired look, but comes in modern sizes. I wanted to use a Queen sized bed for the comfort of our guests, and definitely hoped to keep the look streamlined and simple. This lovely bed fits the bill perfectly.

So I ordered the bed and set out to find a pretty, but simple area rug for this main floor guest bedroom.  I was thinking that something relatively solid and neutral, like grasscloth, would be good.  Sisal and mountain grass can feel extremely scratchy underfoot, which is not the most comfortable thing for a bedroom.  I definitely want something softer underfoot, but not super plush.  Ultimately, I decided on a beautiful flat weave wool herringbone rug with a grey twill binding from  You can visit the website by clicking here.


This photo shows the simple iron bed frame, assembled and placed atop the new herringbone wool area rug in the guest bedroom at The Shack. The neutral tan and greige colors in the rug will provide a simple upscale look, yet provide a soft and cozy feel underfoot.

We also needed a new mattress for this bedroom, so I began doing some research along those lines.  After visiting some stores, and looking around online, we decided to try out a bed from Tuft & Needle.  On their site, Tuft &  Needle says they have the ‘World’s Highest Rated Mattress’.  They also offer a money back guarantee.

Check out the Tuft & Needle mattress website by clicking here.


Here is our newly assembled metal bed-frame in the freshly painted guest bedroom. The Queen mattress from Tuft & Needle shipped directly to my house in a relatively small box.  Can you believe there is an entire Queen Mattress inside that box?


The mattress is shrink wrapped inside the box. All the air has been sucked out and the packaging is wrapped super tightly around the foam mattress.


Once you cut the wrapping off and roll out the mattress, it will continue to expand for about 10 minutes. After that, you’re ready to go! I felt like we needed to add some extra height to our guest bed at The Shack, so we added a box spring under our Queen mattress after this photo was taken. According to the Tuft & Needle website, you can use the mattress alone on a platform bed, or even on the floor, with no box spring required.


With some pretty new luxury bedding from Peacock Alley and Ralph Lauren, combined with custom thrown pillows, the queen guest bed at The Shack is ready for visitors! There’s a lot more to do in this little bedroom. We’ll need some storage and, of course, beautiful artwork for the walls. Lighting is a much needed item in this space as well.

We’ve already had several friends and family members visit us and sleep in this pretty guest bed at The Shack.  Everyone says this mattress from Tuft & Needle is extremely comfortable, and I have yet to see anyone emerge the next morning bleary eyed from lack of sleep.  So I’m giving the new bed and mattress an A+.

Stay tuned for further updates to the guest bedroom at The Shack. Until then, make sure to like Robinson Interiors on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and DO stay tuned for future updates on The Shack!

Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.

Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.


One thought on “The Shack: Our Little Poconos Getaway and The Guest Bed (Post #19)

  1. Hi Kristine, The bedroom is looking great. What a difference. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more. Love Sheila


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