Going Green in the Sunroom at The Shack (part 7) Lighting

Today we’ll focus on the lighting selection for the sunroom at The Shack. The original space had a very late 1970’s to early 1980’s crackled glass pendant and two cheap looking 1980’s Art Deco inspired sconces on either side of the French Doors.

BEFORE: The original sunroom at The Shack featured this dated crackled glass pendant light in the middle of the sunroom. Along with the plastic faux beadboard ceiling and mustard yellow sponge painted walls, not to mention the sagging plastic window blinds, the room definitely had a strong 1980s feel.

BEFORE: There were a pair of brass Art Deco inspired sconces on either side of the French doors leading up into the main living area of the home.

I do want this room to have a vintage masculine feel, since my husband intends to use it as a cigar lounge in addition to a traditional sunroom. While I began searching for new light fixtures I also decided to scope out some vintage lighting as well. I really like using vintage light fixtures, since they give a unique, one-of-a-kind look to a space and they are easily rewired for safe use in the modern interior.

I decided to focus first on the main central ceiling fixture, then try to coordinate the sconces to match. The ceiling is quite low over the seating area, since the ceiling slants upward toward the French doors. So I knew I wanted something substantial with multiple bulbs that gave off a fair amount of light, and of modest size with a short drop. Following are some fixtures that caught my eye when I was searching for a small chandelier for the sunroom at The Shack.

A classic lantern is always a favorite of mine. This new one is lovely, yet I felt it would have too far of a drop for the seating area in the sunroom. I needed something that had more of a horizontal line and wasn’t quite so long from top to bottom.

This orb fixture met my criteria, but in the end I decided it was too modern for the vintage gentleman’s club vibe I’m going for in the sunroom.

This Sputnik chandelier is so cool and had a terrific horizontal line. It checks off a lot of boxes, but again, I felt the style was a bit too modern and mid-century for my tastes.

This fixture was definitely a finalist for the space. I love the rustic vintage finish, and even the wider horizontal feel. But in the end, I decided it was a little too barn-like and primitive for the style I was going

Finally, I turned to some of my vintage sources: these include places like local antiques vendors, Etsy, and EBay. I found a few fixtures online that I thought would work like the ones below:

Each of the above antiques have a great personality and would’ve added the vintage charm I was going for. But after searching for some time, I finally purchased the lovely vintage fixture, seen below, on from a dealer EBay.

Sunroom at The Shack Chandelier Antique 2

Here’s the antique light fixture I purchased for the sunroom at The Shack.  The 1940s bronze gothic style is just the look I was looking for to fit the gentleman’s smoking room theme. I love the way the contrasting central fob and ceiling canopy adds a touch of gold to the fixture!
Sunroom at The Shack Chandelier Antique 1

I plan to replace these round yellow-toned bulbs with a more interesting Edison style, decorative filament light source.

After choosing the central fixture, I could finally start looking for coordinating sconces to accompany this antique ceiling fixture in the sunroom! Below are some of the finalists I found:

Again, the classic lantern style is always a good choice and this one has a great vintage feel, but in the end, I felt this one was too outdoorsy for the sunroom at The Shack.

This sconce is also nice, but it points downward and I wanted something that would be placed high on the wall, leaving space to hang artwork beneath the sconces. While it’s a terrific updated look, I felt it was also a little too modern stylistically for my space.

I really liked this teardrop shaped sconce, but felt like the rope was a little too nautical. It also hangs downward, so I opted to pass, since I’m hoping to add some artwork to the small wall area around the sconces.

And finally, the actual sconce I selected for the sunroom at Athens Shack is seen below:

I love this round railroad inspired fixture and feel like it coordinates beautifully with the antique chandelier I’ve already selected for the sunroom! The two tone bronze and gold finish is terrific, since it matches the chandelier, and the circular shape coordinates well with the rounded lines of my antique fixture. This sconce definitely has a vintage vibe that will work well in the sunroom at The Shack!

We didn’t waste any time installing the sconces and antique chandelier, but you’ll have to wait to see it all come together with the window treatments, rug, furniture, and artwork!

Next time, let’s take a look at the furniture, and area rug selection for the sunroom at The Shack. Thanks so much for following along with our renovation progress!

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