Comfy Cottage Front Porch Reveal!!

I know I’ve been stringing you along about this cottage front porch for two posts now. I actually do this type of thing on purpose: in order to educate you about the design process. My work with clients is very collaborative and rather than coming up with a design plan that I dictate to people, an initial plan is presented then the client weighs in with their own ideas and desires. A few tweaks later and we have the finished plan of their dreams, a perfect fit, tailored for their own lifestyle and needs.

Our finished floor plan and inspiration board shows the outdoor furniture and area rug we’re planning to use in this lovely outdoor seating area.

This homeowner is so lucky to have this new, wonderful outdoor living space to enjoy! I know you all must be super excited to see how it all turned out.

This quaint cottage is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The narrow front porch has been furnished and decorated for comfortable lounging in a compatible cottage style.

BEFORE the porch was cold and devoid of color. More comfortable seating was requested.

AFTER An outdoor area rug anchors the space and continues the dark orange color scheme created by the front door. Comfortable outdoor seating invites you to sit and relax, while making the most of this long narrow space.

BEFORE A pair of wooden rockers look cute, but don’t provide the cushioned seating and vibrant color scheme the homeowner desired.

Some vibrant orange pillows placed on the new wicker sofa draw the eye while carrying the vibrant front door color over to the seating area.

A large copper side table anchors the far corner of the cottage front porch. A colorful pouff ottoman placed beneath can be pulled out as needed for use with the sofa or chairs. We added an electrified lantern above the useful side table to provide much needed light at this end of the porch at night.

A sturdy cement drinks table is placed beside the outdoor club chair for drinks. The bench at the left can be pulled out to be used as a coffee table with the sofa, or used as additional seating when placed as shown near the railing.

A final look at the inviting finished space. This cottage front porch has come a long way since those two lonely rockers! The warm, inviting color scheme enhances the vibrant front door and makes it part of the seating area. Amply sized comfortable furniture welcomes visitors to this lovely cottage. I’m sure my clients will spend many happy hours enjoying their new space this fall! Who knows, maybe I’ll be invited to join them for a glass of wine one evening…I’d go. Wouldn’t you?

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