Designing a Cottage Front Porch

I’m not sure most of you realize this, but the best finished designs are those that have evolved over time. Once I’ve submitted my floor plans and furniture ideas, I look forward to feedback and collaboration with my clients. You may recall from my last post, I left you with two design plans for my client’s cottage front porch. Do you want to know which layout she picked and why?

Although I realize many of you were ‘team sectional’, my client ultimately chose the sofa and two chairs plan. They were both great choices, so there’s no right or wrong floor plan here. You’re probably curious about the homeowner’s motivation…what made her choose the sofa and chairs over the sectional? Well, My client felt the sectional came across as too modern and and she definitely wants to promote the quaint cottage vibe her lovely home evokes.

At this point I started giving the client some additional options for some of the decorative elements. Right away, rug options were explored.

This final area rug image is the one we actually ended up using on the front porch. It has light and dark tones of orange and also brings in a light neutral background with darker grey/bronze centers in the medallions. These neutrals work very well with the tones in the both stone on the home’s exterior and the new furniture pieces we’re going to add. Of course, the orange is a nod to the existing front door color which creates cohesion in our porch design.

We also tweaked our floor plan a bit: Now we’re using only one of the large copper finished tables in the corner as an anchor piece. It’ll be great for placing potted plants and I’d like to hang a pendant lantern above it in the corner for much needed light at nighttime. A colorful pouf ottoman can also be tucked underneath for use when relaxing on the sofa or chairs. The client also let me know about a long, narrow primitive bench she already had that might work well as a coffee table of sorts while still fitting in with the cottagey style we’re trying to achieve. It’s always awesome to repurpose something you already own, so we’re planning to paint the bench to match the grey neutrals in the new furniture.

The updated floor plan makes only slight changes to the side tables, chair placement and coffee table.

And here’s our finished design board, featuring the new area rug with the original furniture selections . Now we just need to place some furniture and area rug orders to get things rolling!

Stay tuned for the big reveal in my next post. I can’t wait to share this finished cottage front porch with you all! Until next time, make sure to like Robinson Interiors on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and DO stay tuned for future posts about my work, travels, and design inspirations, not to mention tips and ideas for updating your own home!

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