The Shack: Our Little Poconos Getaway: Decorating for a Teen Boy (Post #35)

Welcome back to the blog series on my son Grady’s bedroom at The Shack.  Last time I spoke to you about the recliner we are planning to use in the space.  It’s large and will be used in this relatively small bedroom, but I’m confident I can make it work.  The key is to make sure the other furniture items are an appropriate scale, so the chair doesn’t look like an elephant in the room!

Grady's Floor Plan Furnished

After shuffling all the furniture around, here’s the floor plan we ended up settling with. Normally, I like for the bed to be across from you as you enter the room, but in this case, putting the bed in front of the window would have occupied the majority of the floor space and left no room for other furniture.

Today, I’d like to discuss the plans for the decor in this Teen Boy’s Bedroom.  This is the fun part!  First of all, let me say that my son is a gamer…like many teen boys he spends a lot of time online playing video games.  So I want to give him a place in which to escape when visiting our vacation home.

I plan to keep the decor simple and masculine, while maintaining the outdoorsey, rustic, mountain house vibe we’re going for in the rest of The Shack.  I also want to make this room colorful and fun…I don’t want it to feel dark, or stuffy, and I don’t want to leave any remnant of that 1980’s vibe in the space.  So, that’s just a short list of requirements for this small bedroom, right?  LOL  I think I have my work cut out for me!

The Shack Upstairs Bedroom with Lavender Walls and Border 2

BEFORE: The view upon entering this upstairs bedroom is of the window wall. The room is painted a pale lavender color with a purple floral wallpaper border. It has the same cheap old shell molding for casing and baseboards, which gives the room a tired and dated feel. There’s also a mottled Berber style carpet in the room, which we will be happy to remove!

Grady’s favorite color these days is orange.  He loves bright tangerine orange.  That’s cool, but I definitely don’t want an all orange bedroom!  I DO want to keep the room bright and vibrant, and it would be nice to have his favorite color in there somewhere.  So I will definitely use some orange as an accent color in the space.

If you know anything about color (or have taken some of my interior design classes), you know that one way to keep your color scheme vibrant and create energy is to use a complementary color scheme.  That means:  combine a color with its opposite on the color wheel.  So…Orange’s opposite color is Blue.

Now I don’t necessarily want a Blue and Orange room…that would be just too shocking!  So there will definitely be touches of other colors in there and lots of neutrals, especially black to integrate the black recliner and I’m thinking of keeping the walls a very light grey.  But I DO think Orange and Blue will be a great combo to feature in this Teen Boy’s Bedroom.  So I picked these two lovely fabrics from Greenhouse Fabrics to showcase in Grady’s bedroom at The Shack.

Both of these fabrics have amazing vibrant colors, so I’ll only need to use a small amount to achieve a lot of impact in Grady’s Teen Bedroom at The Shack.

Window Specs for cornice board in a Teen Boy's Bedroom at The Shack

Here’s my rough sketch of the custom cornice board I’m planning to have custom-made for Grady’s Teen Bedroom at The Shack. The stepped shape of the cornice nicely echoes the geometric shape found in the orange Greek Key fabric, which will be used as the main body of the treatment. All the welt cord will be in the blue herringbone fabric and the contrast band at the bottom hem will also be made from the blue herringbone fabric. This cornice is going to turn out so cute…I can’t wait to see it in ‘real life’!

Grady's Bolster Specs for Teen Boy's Bedroom at The Shack

I’m also planning to have a long bolster pillow made for Grady’s bed in his teen boy’s bedroom at The Shack. This will be in the same fabrics as the cornice, so it will bring just a touch of the same fabrics down into the room. This cylindrical pillow will pull the whole thing together and make the color scheme pop.

Thanks for joining me today for the latest installment on our renovations at The Shack.  Next time, let’s talk some more about the design plan for Grady’s bedroom at The Shack.  I have some other ideas for making this boring square room interesting and exciting, and we need to pick paint colors, bedding, and carpeting.

There’s still a lot more to share with you, so I hope you’ll stick around as I post the before and afters in our little Poconos mountain house. Until then, make sure to like Robinson Interiors on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and DO stay tuned for future updates on The Shack!

Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.

Click on this image to be taken directly to my website for more information on Robinson Interiors.


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