Wallpaper Redux (Part 3)

Aside from the variety of finishes and art available, there are new ways we designers choose to apply and use various wallcoverings in clients’ homes.

A wallpapered accent wall in my client's dining room

A wallpapered accent wall in my client’s dining room

Often I decide to place this fantastic focal element on only one wall, creating an outstanding focal point that coordinates with paint colors on the remaining surfaces, as in these images of my client’s wonderful monochromatic dining room.

In other applications, maybe the fireplace surround gets its own dose of excitement. Sometimes it’s only the inside backs of the bookcases or the interior of an armoire might be just the spot for a pop of color. What a surprise when you open the door and find this colorful presentation!

Wallpapered Interior

A red armoire is treated to wallpaper inside

Sometimes I’ll insert wallpaper into picture frame molding, creating pockets of pattern and interest within the walls. Often it’s placed above or below the chair-rail.  Perhaps you could hang just 3 strips with a bit of space between each, creating an interesting vertical effect behind the living room sofa, or apply it to your stair risers in the entry.  The ideas are limitless!

Wallpaper on Stair Risers

Wallpaper on Stair Risers

Check back next week, when I discuss more ways to use wallpaper in your home!


2 thoughts on “Wallpaper Redux (Part 3)

  1. Wall coverings have been oft maligned by do-it-yourselfers who have had difficulty with work that was done by other do-it-yourselfers. Truth is , as Kristine has properly pointed out, there are an infinite array of beautiful finishes that can ONLY be achieved with the wall coverings that are being presented today. They may be a little more expensive than years past and cost a bit to install properly, but the impact and “wow” effect that they provide is unparalleled.Those who value these designs and installations are rewarded for their good taste and show that they truly value their homes.

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