Wallpaper Redux (Part 2)

As promised in my last post, today we’ll continue discussing wallpaper and it’s use in the interior design industry.

Wallcovering photo Maya Romanoff

A bedroom features mother-of-pearl wallcovering.

Wallpaper was quite the trend when I was growing up back in the late 1970’s and early 80’s (uh-oh, now I’m dating myself!). I admit, I DO shudder a bit at the thought of all that Wedgewood blue paper with its duck borders looming on my Mother’s kitchen walls. Not to mention the teal and dusty-rose florals (with coordinating mauve carpeting) of the following decade. Check out this example from UglyHousePhotos.com.

Cabbage Roses  and Pickled Cabinets

Cabbage Roses
and Pickled Cabinets

I’m extremely pleased to inform you that today’s papers are a far cry from these disturbing memories of our decorating past. In contrast, the trends I’m seeing now involve not just wall-papers, but wall-coverings too. There are treatments with raised embellishments (including sequins and hand-painting), wood veneers, shells, embroidery, metallics, stone, grasses, and more.

Wallpaper by Maya Romanoff in Mother of Pearl.

Wallpaper by Maya Romanoff in Mother of Pearl.

Flexible Glass Bead wallcovering from Maya Romanoff.

Flexible Glass Bead wallcovering from Maya Romanoff.

The artwork is innovative and cutting edge. Maya Romanoff and Carl Robinson are two of my personal favorites amongst wall-covering designers, but there are others producing wall art from around the globe.

Cork Wallcovering

Addington Cork Wallpaper by Carl Robinson

Addington Cork Wallpaper close-up

Addington Cork Wallpaper close-up

Europe is especially fond of the wall-covering craze. It’s only a matter of time before this growing trend makes its claim on American households as well, providing we can afford it. These “extraordinary surfacing materials” (as worded on the Maya Romanoff website) come at a pretty penny and are usually sold by the linear foot, unlike typical wallpapers which are priced by the single roll and sold by the double roll. More on that next time…I hope to see you then!

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2 thoughts on “Wallpaper Redux (Part 2)

  1. Liking the subtle ‘flash’ introduced by the trend. We’re seeing some folks venture into a little shimmer – using upholstery fabric with a bit of metallic in it and wood finishes with a pearlescent hint,

    Thanks! Happy New Year! – Jim

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