Going Green in the Sunroom at The Shack (post 10) Side Tables

Welcome back to my series about updating the sunroom in my family’s vacation home in the Poconos. Last time we discussed the window treatments, and today I wanted to show you the additional furniture I chose to accompany the wrought iron seating we’re using in the sunroom.

This set of vintage wrought iron sofa and chairs work great in the sunroom, the pieces are just the perfect size for this small space! Now I just needed some end tables to fill the space in the corners, for lamps and to place drinks, etc.

I started scouring antiques stores and my favorite auction houses for the perfect vintage side tables for our sunroom. I try to use as much antique and vintage furniture as possible in my work, because it has so much character and I love the way it looks!

I fell in love with, and subsequently purchased, this gorgeous antique Victorian table at auction with the intent to use it in the sunroom. The top that came with it is actually a thick millstone with beautiful moss attached. While this tabletop is totally cool, I decided to repurpose the millstone for use elsewhere in my garden. I replaced it with a more practical round wooden top, which I stained to match the windowsills and steps in the sunroom. This will work perfectly for the table’s new life in our sunroom at The Shack.

I just love the ornate details on this Victorian table base and the rusty patina on the iron.

Unfortunately, the antique Victorian table is a little taller than I wanted for the side tables at either end of the sofa. I always want the arms of my seating to closely correlate with the height of any side tables, for both visual and practical reasons. Thankfully there’s just enough space in the corners of the sunroom to do a nested grouping of two tables on each side of the room. I decided to find a smaller ‘drinks table’ which could be tucked underneath the taller Victorian tabletop!

Tucking a shorter ‘drinks table’ between the main side table and the sofa’s arm bridges the height gap perfectly. It not only visually fills the empty space between the objects, it’s a more convenient and easy to reach surface for drinks and other items. I found t his cute little marble topped fern stand, and it was just the right size to nestle up to the antique Victorian iron table.

Next, I found a gorgeous pair of vintage bronze table lamps at another auction and knew they were perfect for the sunroom at The Shack. If you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram, you probably remember my post from the weekend when I cleaned them up!

I purchased these gorgeous bronze table lamps at another auction. They’re amazingly high quality and quite heavy. But they definitely needed some elbow grease! I spent a few hours scrubbing and polishing the lamps to bring them back to their former glory. You can see the lamp on the right in the image above looks so much better after a thorough cleaning! I think these lamps will look amazing flanking the sofa in the sunroom at The Shack.

Since I wanted to use these matching lamps flanking either side of sofa, I knew that both main end tables needed to be exactly the same height. After shopping around, I decided to use a simple, somewhat modern looking piece, placed at the opposite end of the sofa from the antique Victorian table.

I chose this simple marble topped table from one of my favorite affordable retailers, World Market. I love that it has a real marble top, and the diameter of the top was exactly the right size. However, the height of the table was a slightly lacking. It’s much shorter than the Victorian iron table to the left of the sofa!

Even though this table was not quite tall enough, I knew we could make it work. I just asked my handy, and super talented, husband to create a cedar wood riser, which would rest under the triangular iron table base, increasing the height by several inches.

My sketch shows that by simply using 3 thick cedar boards, connected in a triangular configuration, we could create a sturdy wooden base. My husband simply drilled holes in the iron tubing and securely screwed the table base onto the top of the newly built wooden riser.

Here’s a closeup of the completed table riser. I think it’s the perfect addition to the style of this store-bought side table. Plus, it does the job of getting our tabletop up to the exactly right height! I actually think the cedar riser adds some much needed interest and warmth to the modern table, don’t you?

Now I just needed a corresponding drinks table to tuck between the sofa arm and the modern side table, so it would balance those other side tables we already owned. I was lucky enough to find a small iron table base at a Poconos antiques mall. It was a very affordable price, since it was missing its top and it happened to be nearly identical in size and shape to the other marble topped drinks table I was already using on the other end of the sofa. I was very confident I could find something wonderful to use as a tabletop that would work perfectly in our sunroom at The Shack.

I found this beautiful inlaid wooden tray on EBay, and knew it would make the perfect tabletop for the vintage iron base. It was very easy to attach this lovely wooden tray to the small iron stand and voila, I had the perfect drinks table to tuck under the taller marble topped side table!

And here you can see the finished result. Our nested pair of side tables with the lovely antique lamp on top. I’m super happy with how this these turned out for our sunroom at The Shack. I also like how the angles of the little octagonal tray table top echoes the angles of the neighboring triangular table base, while the black iron elements tie both tables together.

Finally, you can see both corners of the sunroom and the corresponding end tables. You might notice that I purposely alternated the marble and wood finishes of the tabletops to achieve balance at either end. While the tables are all very different from each other, there are definitely elements that tie them all together, as well. I’m very happy with how these nested end tables worked out with the vintage lamps too. It’s so comfortable to sit out here and enjoy the outdoors within the comfort of sunroom.

Here’s one last view of the sofa and side tables. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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