Color Quandary

Selecting paint colors is a large part of my job as a consulting interior designer!
Homeowners often struggle to coordinate multiple colors from room to room on the main floor of their home. It’s such a huge commitment! And so many people are afraid to commit….that’s where I come in.

Think of the walls as your background, or envelope, which contains all your pretty furnishings and artwork, etc. Paint colors are there to enhance your belongings.

Soothing colors in a master retreat.

A smokey blue paint color was chosen to enhance
the antique ivory chair in this soothing master sitting area.
Interior Design by Kristine Robinson

There’s a lot of wall-space in proportion to the items in a room, and every item is viewed in reference to that backdrop of color. So the decision to go bold or subtle is an important one, as is the decision to use high contrast or blending colors. The flow of colors throughout the home should have some of each in my opinion. While one room is subtle and monochromatic, another can feature a bold accent wall to inject some life.
Injecting excitement, by using a strong red hue on the accent wall.

Injecting excitement, by using a strong red hue on the accent wall.
Interior Design by Kristine Robinson

If every room is subtle, the spaces can become boring and lifeless.
This interplay of subtlety and boldness is the equivalent of adding texture with your fabrics
(another necessary technique to provide interest in your interiors).
Soothing master retreat

Placing contrasting colors on architectural details
provides added interest in this soothing master suite.
Interior Design by Kristine Robinson

Do you have both soothing spaces and energizing places in your home? Or are you craving an area with some pizazz? Perhaps you desire a calm and soothing retreat?
Let me know in your comments…I always love to hear from you!

We’ll talk more on this subject in future posts. Until then, please share Kristine Robinson’s Blog with everyone you know: I need all the friends I can get!


One thought on “Color Quandary

  1. I am decorating a Master Bedroom that has a trey ceiling. I was considering crown molding to enhance the look. Thank you for posting your idea about using paint instead. I am not sure which way to go, but money might be the deciding factor.

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