The Power of Fabric (Part 1)

OK, I admit it…I’m a Fabric Fanatic!

Fabric Combinations

Beautiful fabric combinations create a custom look.
Interior Design by Kristine Robinson

Why, you ask, am I so obsessed with something most people spend so little time thinking about? Well, I believe fabric has more power than almost anything else in a room’s design.

Sure, a room is full of important elements. You’re probably thinking: “Kristine, what about the paint color, or the main pieces of furniture?”

First of all, in many of the rooms I design, the paint color is actually based UPON the fabric. That’s right: I pull the paint color directly from the fabrics, sometimes using a lighter or darker version of a color that is seen in the fabric.

Yellow and Blue Valance

In my client’s kitchen, even the cabinets are finished in a color found directly in the fabric on the adorable pleated valance.
Interior Design by Kristine Robinson

Secondly, many of the main pieces of furniture have fabric ON them–like the sofa, for instance and the chairs.

A Green and Gold Reading Room

A bold Green wall color was chosen to enhance darker drapery fabric, and the furnishings support the color scheme in green and gold.
Interior Design by Kristine Robinson

But I must say, it’s at the windows where fabric is really able to shine! Let’s talk more about that topic next time.

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Fabric (Part 1)

  1. Kristine, you knocked it out of the park – fabric as the anchor! When refinishing and reupholstering furniture for folks, we’ve long advised “Get the fabric right, and then set the wood tone to enhance it.” As a fellow fabric fiend, I find (often unrequited) inspiration from textile derived color palettes. Looking forward to the sequels! – Jim

    • Thanks, Jim. I LOVE fabric, and my stash of remnants just proves my weakness for beautiful pattern and color combinations!! There’s nothing more fun and than pulling a room together with fabric. Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Hi Kristine,
    I love wainscot painting on the Victorian mansion , also Id love to build something stylish for a similar project in the future if possible , Thanks ,

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